Why Walk?

I’ve recommended walking many times here already as exercise. You may be wondering why I think so highly of it.

My reasons are pretty simple.

First of all, walking is easy to do. Anyone who can walk can do it. You don’t need special equipment and you don’t have to go anyplace special… although you can!

You can also easily walk with other people. It’s a perfect exercise to do as a family. As a mother of two, I really appreciate that. If the children are too young to walk as far as you’d like, you simply bring along a stroller and make the walk a little more physically challenging for yourself. Continue reading “Why Walk?”

Planning a Successful Workout

Fitness takes a lot of planning. It can involve lifestyle changes and serious commitment. But if you aren’t including everything you need in your workout, you can really slow your improvement down or even injure yourself.

Many people just plunge straight into their workout routine without warming up. This is a big mistake. Think back to your gym classes in high school. I certainly hope your teachers had you warm up then. Considering the amount of time they had, there certainly has to be a reason.

The reason for warming up is quite simply that it gets your body ready for exercise. It stretches out your muscles and gets your heart beating just a little faster. It decreases your odds of injury. Do a general warmup routine before you start exercising, then take 5-10 minutes before each new kind of exercise and warm up that part of your body. Continue reading “Planning a Successful Workout”

Too Busy to Exercise?

One of the reasons people come up with to not exercise is sheer lack of time. We lead busy lives these days. Many people work more than 8 hours a day and may even hold down two jobs. Parents need to spend time with their children. We all need a bit of downtime.

A lack of time to exercise is often more a problem of time management than a lack of time. However, you can combine obligations with exercise in some cases, while in others you have to figure out what kind of a priority exercise is.

For example, parents can find more time to exercise simply by combining their exercise time with time spent with the kids. Have a family ball game, whether you like baseball, soccer, football, basketball or any other sport. You will get the physical activity you need while having fun and maybe even talking to your kids. Continue reading “Too Busy to Exercise?”

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

When you want to lose weight, you may feel like you’re willing to try anything to succeed. Diet after diet, exercise equipment “as seen on TV….” But what really works?

There is no one perfect answer. The right answer for you depends on what you are willing to do for exercise and what you are willing to do for your diet.

There are some definite wrong answers out there, however.

If you eat too little, so that you feel hungry all the time, you are probably depriving your body of the calories it needs to operate at it’s best.

If you exercise every day until you ache all over, you’re probably overdoing it. Continue reading “What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?”