Why Not Meditate?

Life is hectic these days. Just about everyone says so. Work, family, friends… did I mention work? They all just seem to pile up and there’s no time to relax.

No doubt this is one of the major reasons people have so many health problems these days. It’s so easy to get stressed out, eat poorly and forget exercising. Who has the time for all that?

Whether or not you exercise, meditation is a good idea. You don’t need anything special, aside from a quiet, comfortable place and a bit of time.

Mediation is a chance to leave all your stress behind, if only for a little while. No funny chants or guru needed… unless that’s your preference of course. Continue reading “Why Not Meditate?”

Tony Little’s Gazelle

I must admit, there’s only so much home gym equipment I have personally tried. That said, Tony Little’s Gazelle is a definite favorite.

For one thing, it’s just so easy to use. Climb on and how to use it is obvious.

What may not be so obvious are the different ways you can use it. You can push your body forward or back to emphasize different muscle groups. Let go of the handles and let your legs to most of the work. Quit using your leg muscles so much and give your arms the focus.

This is one I loved to use in front of the television. You don’t have to look down at what you’re doing all the time, so you can still focus on favorite shows. Continue reading “Tony Little’s Gazelle”

After the Workout

Exercise is important to a healthy lifestyle, and most people who exercise are doing so for just that reason. However it is far too easy to skip the final step of your workout.

If you watch people at the gym, many finish a nice, tough workout and head straight for the locker room to clean up and head back to the office or home. It’s easy to do, many people are in a rush, but it’s not the healthiest way to exercise.

Failing to do a cool down routine after exercising limits your benefits somewhat. You are more likely to be sore and tired if you don’t take the time to cool down. Your muscles need this time to gain the most benefit from your routine. Continue reading “After the Workout”

Do You REALLY Want to Get Fit?

Many people say they want to get fit. Not everyone really means it, though. It’s popular to talk about wanting to get fit, however, and so people talk about it, play at getting a bit of exercise or eating just a little bit better. But they may not mean it.

If you really, REALLY want to get fit, you work harder at it. You make time for fitness. You know why you want to exercise and really believe you will achieve your goals. You may get frustrated sometimes, but you keep at it.

If you want to get fit but haven’t really had the drive to fully commit to it, why not start now? Just start looking at what you need to do. Continue reading “Do You REALLY Want to Get Fit?”