Been to the Dentist Lately?

If no, why not? If yes, how was your experience?

You might enjoy taking a look at Every Dentist. It gives you a chance to review your dentist. And if you haven’t been to the dentist lately because you haven’t picked one, this site could be really valuable for you.

This is something I really need to get around to, so I went ahead and took a look for dentists in my area. I picked a 5 mile radius because I don’t want to have to drive all that far. Continue reading “Been to the Dentist Lately?”

Resolving to Work on Your Weight

So you’ve decided this is the year. You’re going to do it! Get fit and lose that excess weight.

Now you just need to decide how.

Start out by taking a look at where you stand. How is your weight compared to this time last year. Up? Down? About the same? Knowing whether you’ve been improving, getting worse or standing still can help quite a bit in your planning. Maybe you have a lot of bad habits to break or maybe just a few.

What do you eat? If you’re eating out a lot or buying prepared foods maybe it’s time to make healthier meals. With some research and practice you can find that it’s really not that difficult. Continue reading “Resolving to Work on Your Weight”

Protection from the Sun’s Rays

At this time of year sun protection isn’t exactly on the top of most people’s lists. Let’s face it, most of us will take what sun exposure we can get!

But at other times of the year it really pays to be prepared. And that’s why I’m checking out SnapTint’s website today.

I always call my skin tone “ghost”. Maybe I’m not that pale but it’s pretty close. Protection from the sun is important to me.

I also live in a very warm climate. During the summer my car and my home get very warm.

Window tinting can help with all of that. I like the idea of less UV exposure when I’m out and about as well as needing to use the air conditioner less at home.

This Supplement Gets Rave Reviews… is it Right for Me?

You always see this supplement or that getting rave reviews. Not only on the commercials but from people you may know. But is it the right one for you?

Not necessarily. It depends on your own needs.

Taking supplements incorrectly can actually be a step backwards for your health. If you get too much of a particular vitamin or mineral it can keep you from properly absorbing other vitamins or minerals. By the same token, too much of a particular mineral is just plain unhealthy. Continue reading “This Supplement Gets Rave Reviews… is it Right for Me?”