Skiing – Fun Winter Exercise

There’s one kind of exercise in winter that’s really just a lot of fun – skiing! It’s not for everyone, but it’s quite popular in general.

For many, half the fun of going skiing is finding good ski hotels. A nice place to stay to enjoy a mini vacation or a longer one. Getting out to play in the snow with a nice place to come back to without having to drive all the way home.

Skiing works you out pretty thoroughly. You’ll be ready to relax after a good day’s skiing. But you’ll also have the pleasure of knowing that you had a thoroughly enjoyable workout.

Figuring Out Your Daily Exercise Routine

Finding the time to exercise is tough. Choosing an exercise routine you hate makes it even harder.

Build your exercise routine around activities you will enjoy doing at least reasonably. A treadmill may be better for you than an exercise bike, or vice versa, if that’s what you find more enjoyable.

Similarly, pick your strength building routine based on what most interests you, yet will be reasonably effective. At the gym going through the machines as a routine works pretty well, but you can choose free weights, or as I do around the house, use the kids as weights. Giving a child a horsey ride is really great exercise, if not the best form.

The timing is very important. If you don’t schedule your exercise at a realistic time you aren’t likely to keep up with it. Maybe you prefer working out in the morning or maybe in the evening. It’s a matter of personal preference and you need to figure out when really works for you.

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How Important is Exercise for Children?

You’ve probably heard about the problems obese children have, and how childhood obesity on the rise. That alone should give you an idea as to how important it is to encourage your kids to exercise.

Fortunately, children don’t necessarily need formal exercise. Just getting them out and playing is pretty good exercise. Just think about your own childhood. Maybe you were in some classes, maybe not, but how much time was spent just playing outside. Continue reading “How Important is Exercise for Children?”

Setting Fitness Goals

How’s that resolution going? Have your goals proven to be realistic?

Setting realistic fitness goals is tough. You have to adjust your daily routine and balance what you wish you would do in a fitness routine with what you will actually do.

The best way to handle this, in my opinion, is to adapt your goals over time. If you find you can’t meet your dream goal, try simplifying it. If three days a week of working out isn’t working for you, maybe two days a week will.

Keep remembering that any exercise is better than none. Don’t use that as an excuse to fail, but use it as an excuse to not quit.

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