Getting Back into the Fitness Habit

Many things can break a fitness habit. Overtime at work, family events, illness, even favorite television series can be used as an excuse to not exercise.

Hopefully the day comes when you realize that you really need to start exercising again. Then it’s a matter of rebuilding the habit.

The first thing to consider is what disrupted your routine in the first place. If the problem is that you didn’t have a routine, that was probably a part of why you quit exercising. Find a routine so that you are just used to exercising at a realistic time several times per week. Continue reading “Getting Back into the Fitness Habit”

How’s Your Body Image?

One aspect you can easily overlook in your fitness routine is a healthy and realistic body image. Feeling that your body is worse than it is or being unrealistic about your body type can sabotage the mental aspects of getting fit.

It’s easy to feel dissatisfied with your appearance. Most people have something they would like to improve. Personally, I would love to get my old stomach muscles back, the ones I had before having kids. That’s hard to do after two pregnancies, one of which ended in a C-section.

As you work on your fitness level, remind yourself of the things you do like about your body. There will be some positives. You can also remind yourself of where you are improving yourself. Pay attention to those things you consider to be faults that are getting better. That can be motivation. Continue reading “How’s Your Body Image?”

The Mom of Preschoolers Fitness Plan

Some times of your life are easier than others to exercise. Having a 4 year old and a 2 year old has advantages, for example. You rarely get to sit for more than a few minutes. I call it the Mom of Preschoolers Plan.

Preschoolers aren’t much on leaving their mothers alone. My son (the 2 year old), can barely leave me alone for 15 minutes, even if he’s playing. Often he’s coming up to me every 5 minutes.

My 4 year old daughter is a little easier on me, but not much. She knows what she wants and will ask and ask and ask to get it.

Both want a lot of very active play, and playing with each other is not always sufficient. I find myself regularly chasing one or the other around the yard or a playground. Continue reading “The Mom of Preschoolers Fitness Plan”