Taking a Family Hike

As the weather continues to improve, it’s time to think more about getting outside and hiking with your family. Even if you live in the middle of a city, it shouldn’t take long to find a place where you can take a pleasant hike.

Your city may have a park that is sufficient for a basic hike, or there may be a state or national park within easy driving range. Any of these should suffice for getting out there as a family.

Figuring out what gear you will need can be a challenge. If you have an infant or toddler, a hiking backback can be a great idea, and much simpler than a stroller.

Once a child can walk, of course, you should encourage his or her participation in the hike for at least a part of the distance. That hiking backpack is likely to be necessary for a toddler unused to walking long distances, but as children get older they won’t need such assistance. Continue reading “Taking a Family Hike”

Workouts for the Free Time Impaired

The time crunch is one of the biggest blocks to a solid fitness routine. Many people don’t feel that they can spare an hour to go to the gym or even a solid half hour to work out at home.

What many do not realize is that taking even 10 minutes to exercise helps. And if you can manage that three times a day, there’s your half hour of workout time.

At work, this can mean taking a walk during your regular breaks rather than sitting in the break room. It can mean taking a walk before getting into your car and driving home. Continue reading “Workouts for the Free Time Impaired”

Choosing the Right Bicycle Helmet

As summer approaches, it’s time to think about your children’s bicycle helmets. With better weather hopefully comes more outside play, and that can mean mor time on bikes. You don’t want to suddenly realize that their helmet doesn’t fit properly anymore.

You can buy bike helmets online, but doing so should only be done with caution. It’s a real pain to return the wrong size. But if that’s your preference, there’s nothing wrong with it.

A properly fitted helmet should fit as low as possible on the head. I know my preschooler loves to push hers up, which keeps it from protecting her correctly, so make sure your children understand that the helmet needs to sit a certain way for safety. Then enforce it. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Bicycle Helmet”

Take Your Vitamins

Taking a daily multivitamin is good for most people. Yes, you can do just fine without one if you eat well enough, but most of us honestly don’t. It’s just too easy to eat poor quality foods.

Something like a 12-in-One MultiVitamin sounds really appealing to me. I doubt I personally could take it, since I’m one of those rare unfortuntates who has never been able to swallow a pill, but I hear that the soft gell pills are much pleasanter to swallow than hard capsules.

I like the way these vitamins sound – easier to absorb, most especially. As I understand it, some vitamins are very poorly absorbed when taken the way they are often taken, so the less of the vitamin that is unused by your body, the better.