The Abs You Want

Or perhaps the abs I want. After having two children, building the abs back to where they once were is quite the challenge. But like most people wanting to get fit, they’re a major goal.

For me, the layer of fat that developed after having kids is my biggest challenge. For you it may be something different. But fat over the abs is a major reason why your stomach may not look how you would prefer it to. So start working on what you eat. Cut out the sweets, fats and unhealthy foods.

I do crunches, but without the fat gone, the work I do just won’t show. And that means burning the fat. Sweating. Getting that heart rate up. This is one I need to do more often.

Drinking water is very important. Drinking enough water cuts the bloating, so your abs can look their best. Drinking carbonated beverages causes bloating too, so keep those to a minimum.

But working your abs in a variety of ways is most important. You want to work the various muscles, so crunches alone are not sufficient. Vary your abdominal exercises, use different equipment and techniques to get the best results.

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Are There Really Fat Burning, Muscle Building Secrets Out There?

Hiring a professional to tell you how to build your muscles to the level you’d love to have them at can get expensive. But you don’t have to hire a professional. You just need one to tell you what to do.

And that doesn’t require face to face interaction.

You can get amazing information from an ebook such as Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. It comes from the perspective that you need to focus on health, exercise and food. Ignoring the full range limits the benefit you get from your bodybuilding efforts. The mental aspects are not neglected either.

And you won’t need to buy tons of supplements.

One of the goals is of course to lose body fat. This is a very common goal, and for most a highly worthwhile one. But you cannot burn the fat off if you aren’t working at it, so you will be building muscles as well.

The book offers formulas so that you can figure out what you need to do for your body type and activity levels.

Perhaps best of all is that the book focuses on keeping it healthy, not building muscle for muscle’s sake. Some ways of building muscle are better for you than others. You will also learn to visualize your goals, a practice many people find useful in all aspects of life, not just bodybuilding.

If you aren’t sure that this ebook is for you, just try the free mini ecourse. It will help you to understand many of the lies told about weight loss. It’s not quite a “try before you buy” kind of deal, but it does let you get a feeling for the overall quality of the product before you spend anything. And when you do buy, you have 8 weeks of guarantee, so if you don’t like it you can get your money back. There’s really no risk to you.

The only thing you have to lose is that fat, so order today.

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Family Fun on the Water

While it’s not really summer yet, you’d never know it from the weather in many parts of the country. Sunny, warm, and beautiful in many areas. Very much so time to think about enjoying the water sports available in your area.

One of the wonderful things about playing on the water is that it is so easy to do things as a family, pretty much no matter the ages you’re dealing with. All you need are enough adults to handle the amount of supervision the children need.

It’s easy to go to the pool with babies. Babies take quite naturally to the water. Even doing a back float with a baby on your stomach is pretty challenging. But babies love it when you can take them around the pool that way. Continue reading “Family Fun on the Water”

A Healthier Home and a Healthier You

It may seem kind of odd to say that how healthy your home is can impact your overall fitness, but it’s true. And it’s not just in the sense of keeping you from getting sick.

For example, you may enjoy going to sleep to the sound of the television or radio, but this can actually result in poorer quality sleep. It may take some time to adapt to a quiet room when you sleep, but especially if you’re feeling tired all the time it’s worth a try. Keep your bedroom relaxing.

This also means you should use more subdued colors. You want other rooms in your home to be energetic, but your bedroom should be about relaxation and sleep. Consider that as you choose your decor.

All around your home, try keeping your decor more positive. Peaceful scenery, photos that remind you of happy times will help you to feel more positive when you look at them. Continue reading “A Healthier Home and a Healthier You”