Drink Your Water

Summer is still heating us all up. It’s the time of year when water intake is extremely important, especially when you exercise.

Water is just all around good for you. No calories, yet it’s utterly vital to survival. Drinking enough water means you won’t be retaining it. Your skin looks better. You eat less. Your digestion works better.

The trick for many people is getting enough of it.

My own solution is to just always have it with me. I keep a bottle of water on my desk.

I do not spend a fortune on water. I bought a sports bottle and just keep refilling it. First thing I do each morning is put it into the freezer so that when I’m ready to start drinking my water for the day it is icy cold. Plus I keep ice cubes handy so that I can refill as necessary. Continue reading “Drink Your Water”

Do You Need Fitness Gadgets?

Tracking your stats is one of the challenges of working out. That is where gadgets can be a lot of fun. They give you some solid numbers to work with. But they are not always cheap.

Take the CS600, for example. It’s a great gadget for keeping track of your heart rate and the speed of your bicycle. It’s a great way to know how you are performing, giving you numbers rather than just a feeling. It sends the data wirelessly to your computer.

But it can cost up to about $700 from what I’m seeing on Amazon. This tool gives you a ton of information to help you with your training, but it is decidedly not for amateurs. Continue reading “Do You Need Fitness Gadgets?”

Nooo! Don’t Eat That!

When you’re trying to be fit and healthy, there are some foods that you really just need to avoid. These foods have very few redeeming values, and these are far outweighed by the negatives. I found these examples of poor food choices from eDiets very interesting.


The first was certainly not surprising. Donuts. If anyone thinks these are healthy, they probably have other delusions as well. High in calories, and half of those from fat. There’s also a nearly complete lack of any nutrition from them.

Ramen noodles are also bad for you. It took me a long time to convince my husband of this. He’s not so great about understanding what you should look for on a label. He somehow had the idea that only the cholesterol numbers on the package mattered, not the fat. Insane, as anyone who does understand eating healthy understands.

Fried foods isn’t a surprise on this list. Fast foods and french fries really aren’t good for you. While some fast food restaurants now have some healthier options, you still need to pay attention to what exactly it is that you are eating. Continue reading “Nooo! Don’t Eat That!”

How Do You Get All Your Veggies?

For many people, eating enough vegetables daily is a challenge. It just doesn’t happen. In many cases, too much meat, starches and sweets are eaten. These can all be fun foods, but you really need to work on those veggies.

One suggestion I’ve heard is to drink my daily veggies. Kind of makes me think of those old vegetable juice ads. But instead this product is made from dried vegetables. Just check out the website for the ingredients.

One of the things I like about their site is that they do share a couple recipes to help you get started. I know it’s really intimidating to start with a new product when you aren’t sure what to do with it. While adding something to a really fatty, unhealthy recipe isn’t going to remove the bad stuff, at the very least you are adding something that ought to be good for you to it.

This should be really easy to integrate into your lifestyle. It can be mixed into water for a quick drink. Throw into a sauce or other recipe to increase your vegetable intake.

Supplements like this can be a great way to make a hectic lifestyle a little healthier. You may not always have the time to chop up fresh vegetables and use them in your cooking, but mixing “My Daily Veggies” into your food gives you some of that nutrition you’ve been missing.