Beyond the Exercise Hatred Barrier

Building up into a good fitness routine is tough, especially if you’re starting from a habit of exercise avoidance. A lot of people get that way because they weren’t so good at sports in school, and the negative feelings can stick around.

Not to mention how tedious and boring exercise can be!

Start out by thinking of all the things you hate about exercising. Maybe it’s not just the boring, it’s the pressure of going to the gym, where so many other fit people are. Maybe the gym isn’t the place for you.

There are a lot of options for where and how you work out. You can work out inside. Outside. You can walk, run, swim, lift weights and more. If you’re hating your exercise routine, maybe you’re going about it all wrong. Take a look and where and how you are exercising. There’s probably one or more types of exercise you would enjoy far more. Maybe you’d be more motivated if you got off the treadmill and started hiking, for example.

Fitting exercise in can itself feel like a chore, but you should try not to let it be. Sometimes life will get in the way. But if you’re looking forward to exercising rather than dreading it, this can happen far less often. Consider this to be motivation to find an exercise routine you enjoy.

Then there’s how long it takes to get results. Try to get your mind off the immediate results dream. It’s not going to happen. But you can set smaller goals to see results sooner. Set goals for how long you exercise, how intense it is, and so forth. You can use the scale to measure results too, but you can be sure that if you’re improving how well your exercise routine goes, you’re getting more fit. And that should be a major goal of any fitness routine, regardless of weight loss goals.

Finally, try to have support for what you’re doing. If there’s no one to help you be motivated it’s harder to stay motivated.

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Take a Child Outside Week

I meant to mention this the other day, but it’s currently Take a Child Outside Week. It’s an internation program aimed at encouraging parents to get their children to play outside.

There are a lot of great reasons to do this. Playing outside does more than just fight obesity, although that is one of the key benefits. But kids who do a lot of playing outside tend to do better in school, and they can be more in touch with nature.

This program doesn’t count sports in the same way as other outside activities, as this is more about getting the kids out into nature than playing team sports. Team sports do have much to be said for them in terms of fitness, of course.

Whether you want to take your child for a hike, play in the back yard, go to a neighborhood park or indeed, have him or her join in some team sports, it’s a good time to get moving on having your kids play outside more.

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Losing Weight Without Exercise

Lots of people would rather diet than exercise. The trouble with this is that if you aren’t exercising, you aren’t burning off the old fat as fast, and you certainly aren’t building muscles.

But sometimes this can also mean that you don’t want to increase the exercise you already do. Maybe you have a basic routine, but you don’t want to do more. Yet you still want to lose weight.

It can happen.

It’s just not going to be easy.

I can tell from personal experience that cutting calories doesn’t always do as much as you might hope. It’s definitely a slow process. Most people in my family, myself included, have cut out soda except for special occasions, yet no one has noticed any weight loss from it over two years. It can be very frustrating.

Most people these day say to cut the white carbs. That means no white rice, white bread, potatoes, breading on your food, cereal, and most pasta. Some feel you can have whole grain versions when available of these kinds of foods, since they do at least have more nutritional value. But if you pay attention to the glycemic index, they aren’t so good, especially anything that includes any sort of sugar early on the ingredients label.
Cutting out as much soda, juice, coffee and other drinks that have significant calories also helps. Let your calories come from food when possible.

You’ll also need to keep yourself to the healthiest possible foods. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes, lean meats. Use herbs instead of salt or oil for flavoring.

Every day, make sure you’re getting enough calories to keep your energy up even as you keep to the healthier calories. If you’re eating nothing but low calorie vegetables, you run the risk of having too little energy, and you won’t want to stick to it.

Then there’s the fun day. Eat what you want day. Gorge day. Call it what you want, you eat what you want one day a week. This helps to keep your metabolism up, from what I’ve read.

Good meats include boneless, skinless chicken breasts, turkey and tuna (and other fish). Eggs are also a good choice.

If you want to get serious about weight loss, there are a few great titles out there to help:

The Ultimate Weight Solution, The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom by Dr. Phil
The New Glucose Revolution

Keep in mind that not every diet works for every person. You often have to experiment to find the right diet for you. There is certainly something to the fact that you need to take in fewer calories than you expend in order to lose weight, and some people need only remember that. Others will do better with something a little more organized.

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“As Seen on TV”… Worth It?

My husband detests products from infomercials. He figures if something ends up with the “As Seen on TV” label, it’s likely to be low quality. He knows there are exceptions, but considers this to be true for the most part.

Exercise equipment is often advertised on television. There are plenty of infomercials touting the latest equipment, from large pieces to small. And of course all of it is one of the secrets to fitness.

But do they really work? Are they worth it?

I’ll admit to a fondness for the Gazelle and similar products. I’ve used them, they’re fun, and they do a decent job. You can shift your balance so that you work different muscle groups. They also aren’t badly priced.

I always like shopping for these things on sites such as Amazon, where you can get consumer reviews on them, rather than relying on the hype presented in the infomercials. Products such as the Billy Blanks Boot Camp are quite well rated by reviewers. Other products definitely justify my husband’s opinion.

The key factor to buying any exercise equipment is to remember that it’s up to you to make it work, even if you buy the best product, beloved by dozens of reviewers. Many infomercials make claims that can get them in trouble with the FTC.

There’s no such thing as effortless weight loss or fitness. You have to work at it.

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