Stealth Exercise

Being too busy to work out is one of the most common reasons why people don’t exercise. Just about everyone uses it at some point. But even if you don’t have the time to break for even 15 minutes to take a walk you can sneak in a little bit of exercise.

Think about times you just stand around… brushing your teeth, cooking, that sort of thing. Leg lifts or walking in place can get you moving just a little bit more. It’s not a lot of exercise but it is something.

Put a little more effort into housecleaning. This in itself is fair exercise. Do a bit more of it and work harder at it.

Work out whenever you watch television. It may be a leisure activity, but it doesn’t have to be so sedentary. I like using a Gazelle while watching television, doing crunches, leg lifts, whatever. An exercise ball can be nice too. Fitness balls are also nice. The exercise shouldn’t be anything that makes it too hard to watch your show, or you probably won’t keep up with it. Then again, there are always commercials!

Working out at the computer is harder. This is one of the hardest areas to work out, and it may not be possible to do much about that. You can move your legs, but generally not much and not terribly effectively.

When you shop, park further out. The added walk really won’t be all that bad, and it’s generally much easier to find a spot.

Stealth exercise isn’t generally enough to get you fit, but it’s better than not trying at all.

What to Buy for Fitness Lovers for Christmas?

Shopping at Christmas time is a bit of a chore for many people. Coming up with the perfect idea is hard.

Fitness gifts can be a good choice… PROVIDED the person will not be offended. If you are shopping for someone sensitive about their weight, it might be better to get something else. But if they’ve been commenting on how much they want to get fit, and seem sincere, not the type to take offense that you noticed, fitness gifts can be extremely welcome.

Most budgets won’t allow for anything fancy, such as a treadmill. However, there are a lot of things you can buy that will help with working out at home and not be expensive.

Fitness Balls

As a parent, I love my exercise ball. Not only can I work out on it, my kids love playing with it too. I just have to be careful that they don’t abuse it too much.

Yoga Gear

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise and relaxation. Most people will enjoy both. Much of the gear is quite affordable.

There are a lot of options when you want to help someone with their home gym that are extremely affordable. For the person in your life who is genuinely interested in improving their fitness, it can be a great gift choice.

Eek! Thanksgiving!

The holiday season can be challenging when you want to be careful about your diet. There are so many temptations and high fat recipes, not to mention the sheer temptation to eat, eat, eat. It’s not easy to cope with.

And it’s less than a week away.

How are you going to cope with all the temptations? There are some steps you can take to help.

thanksgiving turkey

Step 1: Watch the fat

A lot of holiday foods are higher in fat than what you normally eat. It’s not just the desserts, it’s the creamy sauces. Even if you aren’t cooking, offer to bring a dish so that you have some control over the content of at least one item. Make it healthier yet still delicious.

If you don’t mind eating the white meat from the turkey, do so. Many people prefer the dark meat, which has a stronger flavor, but the white meat has less fat. But overall turkey meat is not that bad for you, so there’s only so much guilt you should feel if you just have to have dark meat.

Step 2: Think before you eat and drink

It’s not just the food, after all. If you spend all of Thanksgiving day snacking and drinking sodas, wine, beer or anything with calories, you’re going to greatly increase your caloric intake. Try to keep your snacking under control and remember that water is good for you.

Step 3: Watch your portions

How much do you really need to eat, even on a holiday? While a single day’s indulgence is not a complete disaster it can be an uncomfortable feeling knowing that you have completely blown your carefully laid diet plans.

Step 4: Eat the things you will enjoy

Just because you want to control your eating doesn’t mean you should completely deprive yourself. Depriving yourself too much will only make later misbehavior too tempting. Take smaller portions if necessary, but eat the things you really want.

Step 5: Go easy on desserts

Desserts can be hugely tempting and very high in calories. Pick a favorite and don’t eat too much of it.

Step 6: Take a walk after dinner

Get out of the house and walk. It’s a nice easy bit of exercise that you can get the entire family involved in. It’s a delightful time for just talking. Any kids in the crowd will probably really enjoy the time out as well.

Step 7: Don’t regret what you do enjoy

If you go overboard on Thanksgiving, don’t beat yourself up over it. Allow yourself to get back into your routine rather than giving up. The more time you spend regretting not getting tit right, the more time you’re wasting getting back on track.

Be Honest With Yourself

Having a perfect figure is the goal for many. I know that I’d love to get my middle under control once again, but that has been my challenge since having two children, one by C-section, I’ve had to struggle with a touch of extra weight and slack stomach muscles.

It’s hard. These used to be the areas that just came naturally to me. I drove people nuts that way.

But now it’s much harder, and I know it.


I’m still pretty fortunate, since my weight is just in the higher part of the healthy range. I work harder than I used to have to in order to keep it that way.

Being honest with myself about these physical changes has been a challenge. It’s easy to see it as worse than it is or better than it is. An honest self assessment is challenging.

So how do I go about it? How should you go about it?

The first thing is to know where you are in terms of where you want to be or where you feel you ought to be. I don’t own a scale, but I do check my weight occasionally at my inlaws’ house. It keeps me lightly aware of where I’m at without obsessing over it. It works for me. It doesn’t work for everyone.

If weight is your concern, know where you are compared to what’s considered healthy. If you’re just a little higher than you want to be, and still in the healthy range, things aren’t that bad. If you’re far from where you would like to be, you should be aware of that too.

If overall fitness is your goal, you need to be honest about that too. Plan out how you’re going to reach your goals. Work toward them. When life gets in the way, admit it and allow yourself to get back on track.

Being honest with yourself about what you are and are not achieving will help you to succeed, but it’s not easy. It takes practice. It takes a degree of honesty about yourself that is not always easy to achieve. But it’s also something that will help you to reach your goals.