On the Road to Recovery

It’s been a while since I posted. Life’s been hectic, between my husband losing his job due to layoffs, and my entire family getting the flu, which ended with me getting a sinus infection. It’s been a while since I really felt up to working, never mind working out, but I’m getting there now.

I’ll tell you now, though, if you ever get any sort of sinus troubles, even just a cold from what I understand, a Neti pot really can help. I didn’t have to go to the doctor for help with my sinus troubles, which I’m about 99% sure was either a sinus infection or mere steps away from one. Nasal irrigation is taking care of the problem for me. My first time using it, and I’m greatly impressed.

What’s Your Skin Care Routine?

I’ll be the first to admit that skin care is not high on my list of personal care activities. I get around to it every here and there, mostly after looking too closely in the mirror and seeing where the faint, faint lines are developing. Most of you probably know that moment well.

Good thing they’re mostly smile lines. If one must have lines, lines from smiles are much better.

But they do get me thinking about anti-aging products. Not too seriously yet, but there’s an awareness that the time will come.

I like the idea of natural skin care products, such as the Dead Sea cosmetics from Shira USA. Even though I’m 35, I could still sometimes use one of their products that takes acne prone skin into account.

The site does recommend consulting a spa to determine which products would really be best. That makes a lot of sense to me, since I can never make up my mind on what I really need to use.

Arrgh! Acne!

Acne is one of those frustrating things that can follow some people for a lifetime. It runs stronger in some families than others. In fact, my grandmother likes to tell about how my grandfather didn’t want kids at first because acne had made him so miserable as a teen that he didn’t want to subject his children to that.

Obviously he changed his mind.

Acne does still run in my family, and continues to be a problem even into adulthood. Thank goodness it gets milder than in my teenage years.

Acne has only a little to do with fitness and exercise, but a lot to do with how you look. You just don’t feel as attractive when you’re dealing with a breakout.

My mother found out about Proactiv from my sister, and they both say it’s a really great product. I haven’t tried it personally, but I like to think I can take their recommendations on it. The Proactiv solution has a bonus right now when you purchase, worth about $20.

I always get frustrated with acne breakouts. When you’re trying to get fit and look your best, little things like that get really frustrating. But I do love how much the treatments have improved through the years so that acne is easier to control.