Slowly Controlling Your Diet

A lot of people want an instant answer to their food issues. Something that will help them to eat more healthy foods without such a struggle over old favorites. But perhaps thinking slow and steady is a better way to go.

One of the first things you need to recognize are the things that cause you to eat too much. For some it’s stress, others boredom, others just simply have a lot of bad eating habits.

It’s important to recognize the areas that give you the most trouble. If you can either break the habit or find a healthier, lower calorie snack for those times, you could be on your way to controlling your weight. That can be a wonderful thing.

diet control

Of course, many people need help with this, which is why diet plans are so very popular. And there’s nothing wrong with needing a little help. If it were easy, we’d all be our own ideal weights.

The next thing is to recognize that you can’t always change all your habits in one easy shot. It often takes time. It definitely takes discipline. And if you leave yourself feeling too deprived, it will be easy for all your new control to be broken. Tiny steps are better for most people.

This can carry over into your fitness habits too. If you can convince yourself to start something as simple as a 15 minutes walk daily on your lunch break, you can build up into more fitness habits. Combine better eating habits with better fitness habits, and your overall health should improve.

Of course, there’s no saying exactly what results you will get. These things do vary by the individual, but if you’re eating better and working out, that’s an accomplishment you can be proud of.

Is Holiday Weight Gain Just an Excuse?

Gaining weight is sooo easy over the holidays. Or so everyone says. And in a lot of ways that’s true.

There are a lot of food temptations around at this time of year. It starts with Halloween candy, moves on to the Thanksgiving feast, then you’re slammed with Christmas parties, family holiday gatherings, feasts and of course New Year’s parties.

Is it any wonder a lot of people consider weight gain at this time of year to be inevitable?

holiday food

I have absolutely no problem with saying “just for today, I’ll indulge”… provided that you mean it. But if you say that day after day you will end up sabotaging your efforts.

Honesty with yourself is essential at this time of year. You have to know what you are doing to your efforts to live a healthier lifestyle. If you think it is acceptable to gain weight right now you need to be okay with the results when you see them on the scale. Fooling yourself is not a good plan.

Eating healthy when you have no say in the menu is one of the greatest challenges. But if it’s an event you go to year after year, you probably have a pretty good feel for what will be served. If you know that healthy foods are not likely to be featured, eat enough that you can limit your portions better at the event. But if healthy foods are there, plan to eat more of them and be more moderate with the more indulgent options.

If you’re fine with gaining weight over the holidays, just say so! Be ready for what it will do for how long it takes you to reach your fitness goals, however. But if you can’t stand the thought of having your goals further away at the start of the new year, be honest with yourself and don’t let temptation control your eating no matter the time of year.

Eek! Thanksgiving!

The holiday season can be challenging when you want to be careful about your diet. There are so many temptations and high fat recipes, not to mention the sheer temptation to eat, eat, eat. It’s not easy to cope with.

And it’s less than a week away.

How are you going to cope with all the temptations? There are some steps you can take to help.

thanksgiving turkey

Step 1: Watch the fat

A lot of holiday foods are higher in fat than what you normally eat. It’s not just the desserts, it’s the creamy sauces. Even if you aren’t cooking, offer to bring a dish so that you have some control over the content of at least one item. Make it healthier yet still delicious.

If you don’t mind eating the white meat from the turkey, do so. Many people prefer the dark meat, which has a stronger flavor, but the white meat has less fat. But overall turkey meat is not that bad for you, so there’s only so much guilt you should feel if you just have to have dark meat.

Step 2: Think before you eat and drink

It’s not just the food, after all. If you spend all of Thanksgiving day snacking and drinking sodas, wine, beer or anything with calories, you’re going to greatly increase your caloric intake. Try to keep your snacking under control and remember that water is good for you.

Step 3: Watch your portions

How much do you really need to eat, even on a holiday? While a single day’s indulgence is not a complete disaster it can be an uncomfortable feeling knowing that you have completely blown your carefully laid diet plans.

Step 4: Eat the things you will enjoy

Just because you want to control your eating doesn’t mean you should completely deprive yourself. Depriving yourself too much will only make later misbehavior too tempting. Take smaller portions if necessary, but eat the things you really want.

Step 5: Go easy on desserts

Desserts can be hugely tempting and very high in calories. Pick a favorite and don’t eat too much of it.

Step 6: Take a walk after dinner

Get out of the house and walk. It’s a nice easy bit of exercise that you can get the entire family involved in. It’s a delightful time for just talking. Any kids in the crowd will probably really enjoy the time out as well.

Step 7: Don’t regret what you do enjoy

If you go overboard on Thanksgiving, don’t beat yourself up over it. Allow yourself to get back into your routine rather than giving up. The more time you spend regretting not getting tit right, the more time you’re wasting getting back on track.

What Are the Best Ways to Lose Weight?

For many people, trying to lose weight is quite simply a miserable experience. Conflicting advice, weight loss pills, tough exercise regimes, deprivation of your favorite foods… it’s just not fun.

Worse yet is how often it’s not sufficiently effective. All that work and too often the goals still appear unattainable.

But no matter how much weight you want to lose, there are a couple things that are very important to keep in mind.

  1. Exercise.
    If you aren’t exercising, you aren’t increasing the number of calories your body is burning, and it becomes much harder to lose weight. Make sure you include at least 20 minutes three times per week of aerobic exercise to most improve your overall fitness. Find something you enjoy doing to make this a bit easier.
  2. Eat more healthy foods.
    Low carb, glycemic index, whatever rules you want to go by, the most important is to include a lot of healthy foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. If you work at finding recipes you really enjoy this will become an easier lifestyle change to maintain, making it easier to maintain your weight loss for the long run.
  3. Eat less.
    No matter the diet, there’s a part of it that comes down to calories. Eat too many calories of any type and you’ll gain weight. If you need to snack to get through the day comfortably, find healthy alternatives to your old snacks that won’t add so many calories to your daily total. It doesn’t have to be rice cakes and celery; it can be what tastes good to you and keep you from thinking on less healthy and higher calorie alternatives.
  4. Don’t get in your own way.
    Sometimes you will get frustrated. But giving up because things aren’t going so smoothly as you like won’t help matters any. If you slip up, start right back up again. If the scale isn’t showing the changes you’d like to see, remind yourself that it all takes time.

Within these basic parameters you can find plenty of ways to drop unwanted weight in a way that is comfortable for you. If one way is too stressful or leaves you feeling too deprived, try another way. There are plenty of alternatives out there; no point sticking with one you hate.