Walking for Exercise in Poor Weather

Walking is great exercise. You can do it on a treadmill at home or at the gym or you can do it outdoors. However, if you walk outdoors you have to have plans for those days that the weather just does not permit you to walk outside.

The aforementioned treadmill is a simple alternative to walking outside, of course, but it may not be the one for you. Maybe you don’t have a gym membership or maybe you don’t want to invest in a treadmill for your home. Continue reading “Walking for Exercise in Poor Weather”

Is the Wii Encouraging Kids to Exercise?

Maybe the Wii is helping. There are certainly a lot of people who are feeling it when they use the Wii. There is even some evidence that active video games can help fight childhood obesity. The particular study used Dance Revolution and the EyeToy, not Wii, but it is still an interesting finding.

Just think about it. The various active games on the Wii encourage players to stand, swing their arms and move about. I’ve watched people playing Wii games and seen just how active and competitive they can get. Continue reading “Is the Wii Encouraging Kids to Exercise?”

Should You Buy a Treadmill?

The treadmill is one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment. It’s easy to use and easy to decide how challenging your workout will be.

However, having one in your home can be a bit of a challenge. They take up a lot of space, so storage is often a problem. It’s also very common for someone to buy a home treadmill and then more or less use it as a place to put clutter, rather than actually using it.

The first consideration when buying a treadmill is figuring out if you will really use it enough to justify the cost. You don’t want to spend more than the equipment is worth to you in terms of how much you will use it. Continue reading “Should You Buy a Treadmill?”

Tony Little’s Gazelle

I must admit, there’s only so much home gym equipment I have personally tried. That said, Tony Little’s Gazelle is a definite favorite.

For one thing, it’s just so easy to use. Climb on and how to use it is obvious.

What may not be so obvious are the different ways you can use it. You can push your body forward or back to emphasize different muscle groups. Let go of the handles and let your legs to most of the work. Quit using your leg muscles so much and give your arms the focus.

This is one I loved to use in front of the television. You don’t have to look down at what you’re doing all the time, so you can still focus on favorite shows. Continue reading “Tony Little’s Gazelle”