Are You Ready for the Insanity Workout Program?

The Insanity workout program is a fitness routine by Shaun T. It’s tough, but they promise results in 60 days if you stick with the program. They get into nutrition and provide a calendar for your workouts. Perhaps best of all, you don’t need any special equipment… although knee braces and braces for your other joints may not be a bad idea at all. And even if you’re overweight, you might be ready for the Insanity workout program.

How Do You Know?

You’re ready for the Insanity workout routine when you’re ready to commit to a serious physical challenge. As with any other change in your fitness routine, talk to your doctor first and be sure you don’t have any health issues which keep you from doing the routine. But if you’re healthy enough, a big part of your success will be determined by how committed you are to finishing this program.

If you’re generally out of shape, you may or may not be able to finish the exercises, especially at first. It’s up to you to decide if you want to keep pushing yourself to where you can do the whole thing each day. Don’t buy this if you aren’t ready for that push. The routine won’t do you any good if you don’t keep it up. Lots of people say this isn’t for beginners, but others say it depends on how willing you are to keep it up. Just remember that you can pause the DVD for a break when you need one. You can even keep repeating the early days each day until you get it, if you like.

What Are the Risks?

This is a serious, high impact exercise routine. Some people find it to be too hard on their back, knees or other joints. You can injure yourself doing this workout. I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think this is a good workout for people who already have joint issues.

I will state this very clearly, again. If you have joint issues, this really isn’t for you. It’s high impact, and any joints giving you trouble already may have more trouble after this routine. Pick something appropriate to what your body can handle. There are lower impact ways to get fit.

Proper form is important to avoiding injuries with most exercises. Really pay attention to how to do each one, and take the time to get it right, even if it slows down your routine. You can speed up as you figure out the form. They say “form over speed” and that is excellent advice.

Is the Insanity Workout Program Worth the Price?

This program is on the high side for exercise routines, but many people get good results. Just look at the reviews on Amazon if you want to see what real people think. Even some of the one star reviews admit that it’s a good workout problem – many of those reviews come from people who got injured while doing the workouts, a risk I’ve already mentioned. Even so, they’re far outnumbered by better reviews.

It comes down to you. Are you ready for a serious physical challenge? Are you going to stick with it? If you aren’t ready, don’t buy this workout. But if it looks good to you, go for it.

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