Should You Try Dance Aerobics?

Many people really don’t dance that much these days. This is probably especially true after getting married and having a family, just due to the sheer lack of free time.

Because of this many people feel very clumsy when they dance. So why do dance aerobics?

One of the simplest advantages is that many people find it fun. The music adds interest to an activity that might otherwise bore you. And moving to a rhythm encourages you to keep up with the group, to keep trying. It also just feels good.

As with any other aerobic exercise, dance aerobics is good for your metabolism. It gets your heart rate up and works your muscles. Some steps help with your balance. Continue reading “Should You Try Dance Aerobics?”

On the Road to Recovery

It’s been a while since I posted. Life’s been hectic, between my husband losing his job due to layoffs, and my entire family getting the flu, which ended with me getting a sinus infection. It’s been a while since I really felt up to working, never mind working out, but I’m getting there now.

I’ll tell you now, though, if you ever get any sort of sinus troubles, even just a cold from what I understand, a Neti pot really can help. I didn’t have to go to the doctor for help with my sinus troubles, which I’m about 99% sure was either a sinus infection or mere steps away from one. Nasal irrigation is taking care of the problem for me. My first time using it, and I’m greatly impressed.

Slowly Controlling Your Diet

A lot of people want an instant answer to their food issues. Something that will help them to eat more healthy foods without such a struggle over old favorites. But perhaps thinking slow and steady is a better way to go.

One of the first things you need to recognize are the things that cause you to eat too much. For some it’s stress, others boredom, others just simply have a lot of bad eating habits.

It’s important to recognize the areas that give you the most trouble. If you can either break the habit or find a healthier, lower calorie snack for those times, you could be on your way to controlling your weight. That can be a wonderful thing.

diet control

Of course, many people need help with this, which is why diet plans are so very popular. And there’s nothing wrong with needing a little help. If it were easy, we’d all be our own ideal weights.

The next thing is to recognize that you can’t always change all your habits in one easy shot. It often takes time. It definitely takes discipline. And if you leave yourself feeling too deprived, it will be easy for all your new control to be broken. Tiny steps are better for most people.

This can carry over into your fitness habits too. If you can convince yourself to start something as simple as a 15 minutes walk daily on your lunch break, you can build up into more fitness habits. Combine better eating habits with better fitness habits, and your overall health should improve.

Of course, there’s no saying exactly what results you will get. These things do vary by the individual, but if you’re eating better and working out, that’s an accomplishment you can be proud of.

Easy Family Exercise

Working out as a family is a generally good idea. It teaches the kids to build good fitness habits and can be very encouraging for the parents. It’s also a lot of fun.

Going to the park

I don’t mean for the parents to sit and watch while the kids play. Pushing kids on the swing can be a small workout for your arms. If you have two young enough to enjoy being pushed on the swing, you can do what I call ‘kid juggling’ and push one with each arm. If you get them going at the right rhythm, it’s pretty constant.

If the playground equipment is strong enough, you can climb and slide with the kids. Yes, it’s undignified. It’s also fun.

family exercise

Older kids can enjoy playing sports at the park. Kick a ball around, play a bit of baseball, whatever appeals to your family.

Go swimming

Well, probably not right now, in the middle of winter, unless you have access to a nice indoor pool. But once things warm up this is a great form of exercise.

The younger your kids are, of course, the more limited your own activities will be, but even with babies you can do a lot of exercise. Even jogging in place in a swimming pool takes some effort. So does swinging kids around in the water.

Walk, skate, ride a bike…

You get the idea. Whatever your family will enjoy doing together. The nice thing is that these can be done along your own street if you like, or you can venture further afield.

Play in the snow

It’s winter, and while exercising outside is a bit harder to do, taking advantage of the snow is a really fun way to do it. Bundle up and play in the snow if it’s in your local area, or drive out to enjoy it!

Kids can maker it harder to go to the gym, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Making the time for exercise as a family can be loads of fun.