Enjoy Your Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercise is any kind of exercise involving the large muscle groups which stimulates the heart and lungs, making them work harder. It has a rhythm to it, whether it be dancing, walking, riding a bike or any similar exercise.

Aerobics are a great way to increase your fitness. They’re great for your cardiovascular system, and it’s easy to find kinds of aerobic exercise that you will enjoy.

Yes, enjoy. Stop thinking about a bunch of women in exercise outfits doing steps you just don’t understand in a room with mirrors on one wall. That’s only one kind of aerobic exercise, no matter how it’s named.

Of course, a lot of women do enjoy that kind of exercise. There’s something motivating about keeping up with everyone else, and the music helps to keep it fun too. Continue reading “Enjoy Your Aerobic Exercises”

Don’t Forget to Warm Up!

One of the easiest mistakes to make when exercising is to forget to warm up. After all, you’re probably doing it on a tight schedule, and how important are warmup exercises after all?

Plenty important!

A good warmup decreases the chance for injury. It gets your body ready for exercise, so you can actually exercise more effectively.

Warmup exercises do take time to do right. The exercises you need to perform to warm up depend on the exercises you will be doing, but you should always start out the same:

Start with about 5 minutes of light cardiovascular exercise. Do whatever form you like, but don’t start challenging yourself at this point. Walk or slowly jog on the treadmill, row with very little weight, ride the stationary bicycle with low resistance, that kind of thing. You aren’t trying to build muscle mass or endurance at this point, so take it easy. Continue reading “Don’t Forget to Warm Up!”

Exercises for Women

Here’s a quick exercise guide geared toward women. Try to have some fun while exercising. Turn on the music and get moving!

Start by warming up. Jog in place a little, nothing hard. You just want to get yourself moving and your heart pumping a little harder.

Raise your arms over your head, with your feet slightly apart, and get ready to stretch up. With your arms extended over your head reach up as far as you can and stretch to the right, and then to the left. Next, do four side stretches. Do you best to keep your arms straight, while stretching right, front, left, reverse and up. A towel can help keep the arms straight and support the upper back area.

Swing your arms. Standing straight with your arms above, your head and your legs slightly apart swing your arms down to the left, up, and down to the right. Do this four times and do two more side stretches once you finish. Continue reading “Exercises for Women”

Exercise for Moms

Exercise is just as good for mothers as for everyone else. Believe me, I know, I’m a mother. But it can be hard to fit into a busy lifestyle, and frankly, many of the exercises that men do simply don’t appeal to me.

Using a treadmill works quite well for me, and I like the Gazelle pretty well too. They give a nice aerobic workout. The Gazelle in particular is nice to have at home, as you can keep in a corner of a room, and watch television, while most treadmills are really too big for most homes.

If not watching television, I do enjoy music while exercising. I have small children, so dancing with them is another way to have a little fun while getting in some aerobic exercise.

My daughter, at four years of age, makes a great little exercise nag. She’ll come running up to me regularly, telling me it’s time to exercise. She’ll copy what I do and try to come up with her own ideas. Oh, to have her flexibility! Continue reading “Exercise for Moms”